Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Beautiful, unexplored place and the best part away from all the cobwebs of the city. Spiti Valley is a cold desert mountain valley located high in the Himalayas in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

During the time of winter, Spiti stays closed via all routes as the thick snow covers the roads, it is best to travel to this stunning land in Himachal Pradesh from late May till late September. Most people who inhabit the area are farmers who produce crops of barely wheat, and peas. Do make sure you check the weather at Spiti Valley once before heading here!

Top places to visit in Spiti Valley

  • Chandratal Lake is referred to as one of the most beautiful lakes located at an altitude of about 4300 m in the mighty Himalayas. This place is also known as “The Moon Lake”. The lake is accessible only during the summer months. The water gets frozen during the wintertime and the place remains cut off from the rest of the world, except for some extreme adventure travelers. Thus, the best time to reach Chandratal is from June to the end of September.
  • Pin Valley National Park is a National park of India located within the Lahaul & Spiti district. This place is home to more than 20 species of animals and birds, including the endangered Snow Leopard. The park lies in the valley of the Pin river, from where it derives its name.
  • Dhankhar Lake is in Dhankhar village in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is a 5 km uphill trek from the Dhankhar village along a barren, muddy and dusty path across the mountain range. This village is the old capital of Spiti and it is accessible through motorable road.
  • Suraj Tal Lake also called Surya Taal (lake of the Sun God). Located at an elevation of 4950 m above the sea level, Suraj Tal Lake is considered as the 3rd largest lake in India. A holy dip in the waters of the lake is said to absolve one of all sins, thereby cleansing the human spirit.
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  • Kungri Monastery is located around 10 km from Attargo and 3 km from Gulling in Pin Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Kungri Monastery is located around 10 km from Attargo and 3 km from Gulling in Pin Valley of Himachal Pradesh. The interiors of this monastery have silk paintings and huge statues reflecting the Tantric cult of a bygone era. It also houses idols and the images of Buddhist deities, religious texts, and ancient armories.
  • Tabo Monastery is in the Tabo village of Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh. Tabo Monastery, also known as the ‘Ajanta of the Himalayas,’ is one of the most popular monasteries in the Lahaul and Spiti Valley and was founded more than a millennium back in 996 A.D. Tabo Monastery is held high in regard by the Tibetan Buddhists and comes second in importance after the Tholing Gompa in Tibet.
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  • Lahaul Valley is a perfect location for nature lovers and trekkers too. The word ‘Lahaul’ is derived from the Tibetan word Lho-yul meaning country in the south or of Lhahi-yul meaning country of the gods. The Lahaul plateau is surrounded by the Great Himalayas to the North, the Pir Panjal to the South and the Spiti and Chandra to the East.
  • Kibber also Kyibar is a village high in the Spiti Valley in the Himalayas. The beautiful village of Kibber, which is located in Spiti Valley and at a height of 4205 meters above sea level, holds the distinction of being the highest Motorable village in the world. The landscape of the village is captivating, it is surrounded by limestone rock mountains.


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